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About Anti-HIV Med

Anti-HIV Med is an interactive table of commonly used antiretrovirals. It's designed as a simple tool for practising physicians, health care professionals, and anyone interested in HIV treatment. Data sources of Anti-HIV Med came from different websites, journal articles, product inserts, guidelines as listed under SOURCES. Basic information about each registered antiretroviral compound for treating HIV infection, including ADVERSE REACTIONS, can be accessed through its SEARCH functions. Pharmacokinetic information like Cmax and Cmin for selected antiretrovirals can also be viewed for interpreting therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) results, in support of TDM testing available at Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (CEID).

Antiretrovirals included in Anti-HIV Med are differentiated by class - NRTI, NNRTI, PI, INSTI and Others. With the increasing use of single tablet regimens (STR), this has formed a separate category on its own. Some older generation and rarely used antiretrovirals like didanosine (ddI), stavudine (d4T), nelfinavir (NFV) and indinavir (IDV) have been excluded. The ones included are those available in Hong Kong, except a few new ones which have not yet been registered.

While every effort has been made to ensure correctness and updatedness of information in Anti-HIV Med, omissions and errors may still be there. Readers are advised to consult specialists and references in case of need and/or queries.

Anti-HIV Med is available in android and iPhone Apps. Anti-HIV Med also functions as an appendix to HIV Manual 4th edition.

SS Lee
Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Summer 2019, HONG KONG

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STR (single tablet regimen)

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Last updated on 16 October 2020.